Dresses tailor made

Get a tailor-made dress. We know why this is the best choice.


Are you interested in the latest fashion trends and do you love those moments when you need to buy something new for yourself? At the same time, are you bored with clothes made of ordinary ready-to-wear clothing and would you like to buy an original piece that will delight you with its thorough sophistication down to the last detail and elegant style? Then you will surely be satisfied with the possibility of having a tailor-made dress that fits you perfectly. 

Where? At Talabaya, we will produce a completely unique outfit that will make you stand out and daze at any important event. Any festive occasion demands its own style. It is necessary to think carefully about the overall image, whether the material, pattern, cut, color of the dress, but also their length, including accessories. In addition, every woman abounds of different body proportions, so you don't always come across a perfectly fitting dress. The choice is definitely not easy. Mainly because a given event can become a faux pas, which no woman wants to experience. Seeing someone else in the same dress is quite disturbing. And it can really happen! Be unique, free, at the same time confident, sensual and elegant. Just like our Talabaya brand. We offer you the freedom to be yourself.

Why a Talabaya dress?


Our original style, which is timeless, versatile and infinitely variable in every situation, will satisfy many women who want to be creative and not afraid to express their personality. The purpose of all created collections and tailor-made dresses was, is and will encourage a woman to freedom and underline her uniqueness, not only by the specific design, but also by the materials used and the perfect workmanship. We prefer high-quality materials, sustainable fashion as such, minimalist design and pure elegance. We will create a tailored dress that will accurately highlight your strengths, hide your shortcomings and emphasize your natural feminine beauty.


We think that with increasing age or experience (even after twenty), we women are beginning to realize how much quality matters, we do not change our style so often and we prefer fashion that is practical and at the same time has a significant dose of femininity. We long for something in which we will feel comfortable, free, feminine and attractive. We also appreciate this and suggest an outfit that will reflect your personality.

What to buy from us and what to have sewn?


We have already presented a number of collections that have been a great success not only in our country but also abroad. You can get inspired on our website talabaya.com, where you can get an idea of our style. We will also tailor-make wedding dresses for you, thanks to which you will be a real princess, goddess, fairy ... the way you feel the most. 



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